Epitaph by Nico Niquo

Epitaph by Nico Niquo

Format: CD
Label: Orange Milk Records
Catalog: N/A
Release date: 7/3/15

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Track list:

1 Maru Dai Dawn
2 Pandimension
3 Perta Ine
4 Ersatz Athene
5 Epitaph
6 4D Samba
7 Beyond AD
8 Naeba
9 Not Here
10 Maru Dai Dawn (Asdasfr Bawd Remix)
11 Not Here (Celer Remix)
12 Pandimension (Ghost Drops x Shisd Remix)
13 Maru Dai Dawn (Foodman Remix)


Release description:
CD issue of Nico Niquo’s EPITAPH. Featuring four exclusive remixes from Foodman, Celer, Ghost Drops x Shisd, and Asdasfr Bawd.