Coral Sea

Coral Sea

Format: CD
Label: Two Acorns
Catalog: 2A23
Release date: 7/15/21

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Track list:
1 Coral Sea

Release description:

Noise is coming from every direction. Backseat tvs flicker, and shuffling sounds fill the spectrum. Light glimmers from the windows, and only a few of us look out. I’m consumed by everything (else) and it all seems overwhelming. I’m outraged by the extending evils, their smiles filling my consciousness. It’s not good enough to be a bystander. I won’t make those mistakes. I will try. But what, do you give? Below, there are tiny islands passing by. They appear for minutes, and disappear. So will this noise, and us.

Random notes, 2018

All music by Will Long, 2018
Mastered by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung

Package description:
CD edition of 500 copies